Background Introduction (Figure 1)

New product strategy planning - new products, new concepts, new systems

In July 2021, Hua & Hua took over Haidilao's branding again. After conducting preliminary diagnostic, we determined that product innovation would be one of the key directions for future work, and a new plan for Haidilao's future product strategy was proposed. In December 2021, Haidilao invited media and Black Card members to attend the "Haidilao New Dishes Are Here" new product tasting event, where the company officially launched its new product strategy plan of "new products, new concepts, new systems". This was the first time Haidilao had explicitly proposed a product strategy direction internally and the first time it had officially communicated its product strategy work to the public.

Brand Slogan (Figure 2)

The super slogan "Together Hi, Haidilao Together" was created for Haidilao, amplifying the brand's inherent theatricality and expressing the emotion of gathering around the hot pot and enjoying food together through the slogan. Eating hot pot itself is a fun thing: whether it's taking a break from work, celebrating a promotion, or being in love, you can always have a great time over hot pot. "Together Hi, Haidilao Together" is not about convincing consumers how good Haidilao's service or products are, but rather entering consumers' life scenarios, persuading them that if they want to have a great time, they should come to Haidilao.

Discourse System (Figure 3-4)

A discourse system was created for Haidilao's new product launch: 1. Premium lamb rib rolls, only found in 2 parts of a lamb. 2. Inner Mongolian grassland lamb that you can't get enough of.

Brand Logo (Figure 5)

The brand's inherent theatricality was leveraged to find a sign that is homophonous and synonymous in both Chinese and English, a globally recognized sign "Hi". It was then privatized and transformed with dialogue boxes and chili peppers to form the Haidilao Super Sign. By using the already memorable, understandable, and likable Super Sign "Hi", the brand culture can be easily embedded in people's lives, reducing the cost of brand promotion.


Packaging System (Figure 6-9)

In 2017, Hua & Hua assisted in the development of Haidilao beer, with the repeated accumulation of the Super Sign "Hi" on the packaging and the amplification of the buying reason of "13° German-style malt concentration". In 2018, packaging and gift box versions were designed for Haidilao member products "Pocket Nuts", visualizing the "pocket".

Meta-Media System (Figure 10-14)

By focusing on amplifying dishes and scenes, Haidilao's Meta Media was designed, including surrounding fences and central courtyard curtains, creating an opening package for Haidilao and achieving store preheating and customer retention.


Advertising System (Figure 15-19)

Commercial district guidance was the main communication battlefield, with the Super Sign occupying the commercial district and an opening guide presenting gathering scenes and menu images. By repeatedly understanding Brand Equity and investing in a sign, the greatest brand value can be created at the minimum cost.

Store Design (Figure 20-25)

In order to upgrade Haidilao's brand image and provide consumers with the ultimate brand experience, a thorough image transformation project was carried out on Haidilao's stores. A third-party space design company, Zhuzhou Design, was supervised to create the new Haidilao image store - Shanghai Dah

Menu Design (Figure 26)

Redesigned the ordering system using an iPad menu, upgrading the menu from column design standards, layout planning, interactive icon system planning, screen design, and dishes photography to create a clearer purchasing logic for consumers.

In 2022, a paper menu was created for "Haidilao's New Dishes Are Here" and used for the first time in stores. Highlighting the popularity of the dishes and amplifying the energy of the stimulating signals sent by the dishes. Design a paper menu with a more atmospheric feeling for the "Haidilao's New Menu" product launch, increasing the signal energy to stimulate new orders. At the same time, the store's iPad menu was upgraded to add a way to order from the startup screen and transform the original static menu into an animated one with stronger stimulating signals.

Standardized Execution Manual (Figures 27-28)

To support Haidilao's store brand image and brand experience management, a brand constitution and store management manual were created and compiled to standardize the usage of Super Signs across various Meta Media platforms.

In response to the "Haidilao's New Dishes Are Here" product launch, comprehensive innovation and guidance were provided for Haidilao in terms of tableware, plating, and store media. The store was also provided with a "Comprehensive Media Guide" and a "Plating and Tableware Optimization Guide" respectively.

Promotion Conference (Figure 29)

Promotion conference for the launch of the "2022 Haidilao's New Dishes Are Here." On December 28, 2021, Haidilao held an internal promotion conference. The Hua & Hua Haidilao project team provided teaching and explanations on the Hua & Hua method and the comprehensive media promotion of the new project.

Brand Marketing Calendar (Figures 30-31)

Haidilao Seasonal Menu.

A year-round marketing calendar was proposed for Haidilao, with the first true fragrant hot pot launch used as an example to plan the Haidilao seasonal menu. At least two product launches are planned each year: one for autumn/winter and one for spring/summer.


Advertisement (Figures 32-34)

The song "Passionate Desert" was adapted and a music video advertisement for "Passionate Hot Pot" was filmed, with a professional filming team taking shots of the store. The lively and dynamic dance and people gathering around the hot pot scene were presented to form promotional material for "Together Hi, Haidilao Togehter."

Promotional Video (Figures 35-40)

1.  In 2018, the Haidilao Smart Restaurant was opened in Singapore. Hua & Hua provided core concepts for communication of the smart restaurant, including countdown, in-store navigation, online H5 advertisement, and the filming of promotional videos of the smart restaurant and customized promotional video.


2.  "Haidilao's New Dishes" promotional video. Haidilao's product launches are not uniform across the country, so we faced the challenge of preparing three different videos. Through continuous script polishing and optimization of the filming team, we strive for precision in every shot, every prop, and even the connecting movements. In the end, the video was successfully rolled out to nearly 1,300 Haidilao stores nationwide.




正心术 立正学 走正道


正心术 立正学 走正道