Tmall Auto Care

Background Introduction (Figure 1)

As an intelligent auto care chain brand under Alibaba, Tmall Auto Care uses Alibaba's platform resources and technologies to revolutionize the auto care industry. Through the comprehensive application of big data capabilities, it reconstructs an intelligent ecosystem that connects the supply chain, stores, and car owners, injecting more growth into the industry's development. The arrival of the era of intelligent auto care is already a foregone conclusion.

A brand must have knowledge leadership in some areas. The enterprise knowledge system is expressed using the enterprise's discourse system, which is what Hua & Hua calls product science. Tmall Auto Care provides six intelligent systems for their stores, empower them, improve operation efficiency, and enhance the professional capabilities of each stores. It has an "encyclopaedia" for intelligent auto care, mastering billions of pieces of auto care big data, covering 98% of mainstream car models, providing standard solutions to all auto care problems, with precise data, and finding answers to all difficulties and complicated problems.

Brand Slogan (Figure 2)

By leveraging Tmall Auto Care's resource endowment and amplifying the value of "big data and intelligence" in Tmall and Alibaba's Cultural Matrix, Hua & Hua has created the brand slogan "Farewell to traditional auto care, Tmall intelligent auto care".

Using super sentence structures, provide purchase reasons and instructions, and directly persuade consumers.

Redefine the auto care industry, break through observation and homogenization comparisons, and awaken franchisees and Chinese car owners to the maximum recognition of Tmall Auto Care.

Discourse System (Figures 3-7)

Based on the brand strategy of "Tmall intelligent auto care" and the brand slogan of "Farewell to traditional auto care, Tmall intelligent auto care", the discourse system establishes brand value and solves the information asymmetry between franchisees and car owners.

Who am I: An intelligent auto care chain brand under Alibaba.

Our brand strength: Mastering precise auto care solutions for 98% of mainstream car models.

3 intelligent auto care systems: "Intelligent reminders for full-vehicle hazards", "Full-process monitoring, mobile live streaming", "Precision matching, intelligent recommendations".

4 brand guarantees: "Tmall Auto Care Guarantee, all genuine products", "Tmall Auto Care Guarantee, transparent pricing", "Tmall Auto Care Guarantee, certified professionals", "Tmall Auto Care Guarantee, responsible to the end".


Advertising System (Figures 8-11)

By mastering Hua & Hua's critical amplification technology, the advertising system provides consumers with comprehensive information services through three amplifications. First, amplify the brand slogan by implanting the Tmall Auto Care brand slogan in a strong parent body—Chinese cultural slogan font, magnifying it to the limit on the advertising screen, creating a brand momentum of bidding farewell to the old times and creating a new era. Second, amplify the Tmall Auto Care store image. This is a significant breakthrough in an advertising image, where the core product of Tmall Auto Care is the store, and the store is magnified and highlighted as the protagonist of the advertisement. Finally, amplify the cat head logo on the store sign, enlarge the Super Sign of the Tmall cat head, enjoy the brand dividend of the Tmall Super Sign, make it instantly recognizable, and accumulate the Brand Equitys of Tmall Auto Care.

Meta-Media System (Figures 12-14)

From 0 to 1, build the Tmall Auto Care store element media system, accumulate Brand Equity, and establish foot traffic sovereignty.

The full set Meta-Media System for Tmall Car Care shops helps shops grow sales in 4 dimensions, from brand value exposure, membership customer retention, creating a sense of professionalism in business services and enhancing the conversion of high-margin items!

Mechanism 1: Transparency of price, reducing the cost of choice for car owners. Hua & Hua has designed price tags for each of the 3 major customer attraction items: car wash, maintenance and tyre, providing car owners with 3 purchases: purchase reason, purchase guide and purchase instruction.

Mechanism 2: Visualise the complex service processes with pictures to build a sense of professionalism and value in the minds of car owners.

Mechanism 3: Amplify the benefits of membership, refine the 7 major benefits of Tmall Car Care members, and put the message that you can save 1738 RMB a year to the largest extent to attract car owners to buy from the shop. The core of the design is to de-iconize and iconize the app.


Sales Props / Merchandising System (Figure 15)

The customer resting area display is a powerful tool to automate the sales of high margin products and services in the shop.

Building fully-automated sales prop - the display cabinet - built at the customer resting area to display the high-margin products and services information of Tmall Car Care directly, so that car owners can understand and buy at a glance.

Mechanism 1: Designing brand counters for the 6 major Smart Car Care System and establishing a brand exhibition.

Mechanism 2: Modular overall display design, adaptable to various shops.

Mechanism 3: 3 new purchase reasons to reduce consumer decision costs.

Mechanism 4: Visualisation of product value, allowing owners to know what is good at a glance.

Mechanism 5: Old and new comparison props for a tactile experience.

Mechanism 6: "Tmall Car Care Guarantee, all genuine products" promise on the wall.

Mechanism 7: The angle of the display is scientifically designed to let customers read comfortably.

Mechanism 8: Repeat the super slogans to continuously accumulate brand equity.


Continuous Improvement (Fig. 16)

Develop super Meta-media from 0 to 1 to create a buzzing atmosphere and build foot traffic sovereignty

Mechanism 1: Amplify membership benefits, the core of which is de-iconisation of the app.

Mechanism 2: Bring business information to the storefront to maximise business signals in shops and reduce consumer choice costs.

Mechanism 3: Create an atmosphere of hot selling in shops, improve the membership conversion rate and retain customers.

Mechanism 4:Designing brand instruction manuals with pictures and facts to reduce communication costs, provide a brand value chain and eliminate car owners' concerns.

Mechanism 5: Designing the menu means designing the consumer's purchasing logic. Designing the menu for the car wash, adding purchase reasons, purchase instructions and purchase guidelines.

Mechanism 6: Visualise brand value and amplify the app's three intelligence capabilities.





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