ChuBang Soy Sauce

Background (Figure 1)

In 2010, ChuBang and Hua & Hua started to cooperate.

 At that time, ChuBang was facing double pressure from inside and outside the industry. First of all, it was the heavy pressure from the whole spices market environment change. At that time, most of the condiment enterprises were still in the mode of deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, occupying the hilltop and playing price war regardless of the cost. At the same time, the strong involvement of foreign enterprises has intensified competition. Local spices enterprises have been through the acquisition, expansion of assets and other ways to grow their own base, industry fragmentation is at hand. Secondly, ChuBang also faced fierce competition in the soy sauce industry. At that time, ChuBang's products were mainly soy sauce, which was a regional market, and the channels were mainly major supermarkets and distribution markets, such as wholesale markets and vegetable farms. As Haitian, Jiajia and other low-end seasoning brands were relatively moderately priced, they dominated the market and had relatively good sales performance, which were the main competitors of ChuBang. If ChuBang wants to stand out in the condiment market, it needs to find a breakthrough to go higher, because the low-end market is difficult to obtain profitably and the cost of scale is too high. The primary issue facing the cooperation is how to make more consumers know ChuBang and be willing to buy ChuBang products because of the brand.

Product Structure

In 2010, the only product categories with sales of more than 100 million yuan were ChuBang Soy Sauce and ChuBang chicken essence powder. In 2010, Hua & Hua developed 100% pure peanut oil for ChuBang. Since then, ChuBang's edible oil series has become the third largest category of ChuBang, with annual sales of over 300 million yuan. To date, Hua & Hua has continued to develop and renovate products around the ChuBang strategy, and sales of sauces, oyster sauce and vinegar have exceeded 100 million yuan, forming ChuBang's six single products with over 100 million yuan, together with ChuBang Soy Sauce, ChuBang chicken essence powder and ChuBang cooking oil. Home-use condiments are the main products, with "fresh" and "delicious" as the development concept. Our products include soy sauce, chicken essence powder, monosodium glutamate, oyster sauce, cooking wine, vinegar, sauce, cooking oil, curd, juice, and compound seasoning, with more than 300 specifications in more than 100 varieties, which are sold nationwide and exported to many countries and regions around the world.


Business activities (Figure 2)

1.      "1 + N" category expansion strategy with soy sauce as the core

We have repositioned ChuBang soy sauce as a strategic product, identified a focal product, and focused on promotion. Not only rely on the soy sauce category  We will develop not only the soy sauce category, but also the whole product line of ChuBang, such as chicken essence powder, oyster sauce, vinegar, etc. We will even develop new categories, such as edible oil and canned food, to develop from a condiment kingdom to a food kingdom. We will continue to develop new products and renovate old products every year.

2. Modern technology to inherit the old tradition

We have inherited the 180-day Southern-style soy sauce tanning process and added the Japanese soy sauce process to adjust the taste of our products.

3. Promotion-driven brand strategy Continuous advertising on CCTV. 4.

4. Refined market management The company's management personnel are subcontracted as supervisors in the region and lead the market to guide. We have established a mature "4 + 1" marketing cycle. 5.

5. establish a good relationship with the manufacturer twice a year dealer marketing management training, with the dealer to grow together.

Corporate Strategy (Figure 3)

Develop the brand strategy of ChuBang, from the kingdom of spices to the kingdom of food, to provide safe and delicious food to the public. We put forward the conscience culture of " Conscientious ChuBang, assured products " to build the value map of ChuBang of 10 billion yuan.

屏幕快照 2023-05-25 下午5.42.20.png

Brand Slogan (Figure 4)

Sunbaked 180 days ChuBang Soy sauce savoury and flavourful.

The original slogan of ChuBang is "Golden Quality, Taste Life", and consumers will not have the desire to buy when they see this phrase. ChuBang is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, which is located in the subtropical zone, with long sunshine hours and a warm climate, and has been suitable for making soy sauce in the sun since ancient times, so the soy sauce industry in Guangdong is well developed. The southern-style soy sauce in Guangdong Province is made entirely naturally in the sun, maintaining its traditional, natural flavour. In ChuBang's on-site research, it is easy to see that the most important characteristics of the brewed soy sauce are "sunbake" and "savoury", and 180 days is the traditional brewing cycle of southern-style soy sauce.

The super slogan is a word that can impress the consumers, it should be related to the consumers, it should be able to trigger the consumers' attention, and it should make the consumers' hearts "thump" after hearing it.

According to the "brand slogan fill-in-the-blank" method used by Hua & Hua to create the super slogan, we first identified the keywords "sunbake" and " savoury ", and the super slogan must include the brand name and product name, so the using of "ChuBang Soy Sauce" is necessary. Combined with these, the super slogan "Sunbaked 180 days ChuBang Soy sauce savoury and flavourful " was born.

Brand Mascot (Figure 5)

A new super mascot, Soy Sauce Brother, was designed for ChuBang.

He is the head of the kitchen soy sauce farm and his hobbies are sunbathing, cooking, visiting the farm and creating new dishes. This is a virtual spokesperson tailored to the product and brand's strategic goals, with no endorsement fees and a more stable persona and face value to complement the marketing campaign with high frequency.

Brand Pattern (Figure 6)

The super sign made Chubang an old friend of consumers overnight, helping them to quickly build new brand preferences and initiate large-scale purchases.

ChuBang makes ingredients taste better, brings out the potential of ingredients, and makes diners not only dine comfortably, but also dine nutritiously, and memorably. Therefore, we chose the green checkered tablecloth as the Super Sign of ChuBang. What is the green checkered tablecloth? It is the symbol of the restaurant, the symbol of the table, the symbol of eating, and the cultural symbol that is naturally associated with ChuBang.

Visually, the "green checker" creates the illusion of a visual pause and doubles the visual stimulus distance.

Physiologically, the Green Checker stimulates appetite and saliva production.

Emotionally, " green checker " can make checker lovers transfer their affection to the ChuBang brand.

In terms of communication, "green checker " can be described and consumers can spread the word for us.

By grafting the Green Checker symbol onto the Chubang, we have used the collective subconscious of the whole world and mankind to inject the symbolic power, symbols and feelings of the green checker of the tablecloth, as well as its power and instructions, into the Chubang brand, making the Green Checker a super sign and brand asset of Chubang. Brand logo (Figure 7)

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Packaging system (Figure 8-10)

We redesigned the packaging of ChuBang Soy Sauce by wrapping a cylindrical bottle with a green checker, and after displaying it in a row, a green checker was formed in the center of the display at a 45° angle, giving a strong visual impact and attracting customers' eyes from afar, making the effect of an ordinary shelf display.

Self-media system (Figure 11-16)

In the channel "total mediation", including plant construction, staff dress code and other aspects. Continuously accumulate the brand assets of "green checker" and "180 days of sunshine". We make good use of all the existing channels and paths that consumers can reach, so that "products, channels and terminals" can be fully mediaized. ChuBang's factory has also become a "green checker" factory!


Commercial (Figure 17)

In the commercial for ChuBang, you can see the "green checker" from the first shot to the last shot. Not only on the packaging, but also on the end panel of the last shot, we also let Mr. Li Liqun wear a green checker apron to continue to build up the brand equity of the "green checker" super sign.

Fishwoman Oyster Sauce commercial (Figure 18)

E-commerce page design (Fig. 19)


Sample store execution manual(Fig. 20)

Cold dish competition(Fig. 21)

The "Super Cold Dishes ¥10,000 Competition" was held in the catering industry. In May 2018, in cooperation with Oriental Gourmet, the 4th Super Cold Dishes Competition was held at the China National Convention Center, with more than 60 chefs from all over China competing on the same stage and judging by many master judges, creating a sensation in the catering industry.

ChuBang Top Chef Club (Figure 22-23)

The club invited Qu Hao, Qian Yibin and Master Li Zhaorong, the kitchen consultant of ChuBang, to teach students on site. The event was attended by more than 100 chefs and had a great response. In order to better serve the chefs, ChuBang provides a platform to create a " Huangpu military school" for Chinese chefs. Listen to the master's teaching and cook with ChuBang!

Cooking Competition (Figure 25) 

The National Crawfish Cooking Competition 2021 and the National Hot Pot Cooking Competition 2021 were held in conjunction with the China Cuisine Association, with more than 60 teams from across the country competing on the same stage, producing a total of 192 dishes. The total amount of prizes paid out in the competition exceeded 400,000 Yuan.




正心术 立正学 走正道


正心术 立正学 走正道