N-duo Sushi


N-duo Sushi was founded in 2008 and is currently the largest sushi chain brand in China in terms of restaurant numbers. They entered the public's view with affordable sushi and pioneered a new food category of ready-to-eat sushi. With the differentiating advantage of "only selling ready-to-eat sushi, no sashimi," it quickly grew from an inconspicuous roadside stall in Wuxi, Jiangsu, to a global sushi chain brand. Currently, it has over 3,000 stores across 319 cities in 32 provinces in China, as well as four overseas markets: Dubai, Perth, Liverpool, and Malaysia (still under preparation), marking its official global expansion. 



Before-service photos of N-duo Sushi roadside stall by Hua & Hua

2.jpg N-duo Sushi's roadside stall before Hua & Hua consultation


N-duo Sushi's restaurant before Hua & Hua consultation

4.png N-duo Sushi's restaurant after Hua & Hua consultation


At the end of 2021, N-duo Sushi formed a strategic partnership with Hua & Hua. The goal is to further enhance the brand's visibility, consolidate its leading position, and support its global development.


Super Sign:

N-duo Sushi's super sign is the "Sushi Squad," creatively leveraging the dramatic effect inherent in the N-duo Sushi brand name. It features the intellectual property (IP) of N-duo Sushi's 5 Sushi character. The character's hair became sushi rice, resembling a dignified judge. With their big, round eyes and doll-like faces, they resemble Barbie dolls, capturing the hearts of everyone. Since their debut, they have become a globally recognizable super sign, establishing long-term brand equity for N-duo Sushi that will remain unchanged for 100 years.

 5.jpgSuper Sign of N-duo Sushi - Sushi Squad


In the creation of the Sushi Squad, the facial expressions and body shapes are the same for all characters, but the ingredients on their heads and the outfits they wear are different. This creates a sense of array in their visual presentation, giving them a competitive advantage on the streets.


Brand Proverb:

The brand proverb of N-duo Sushi also leverages the dramatic effect of the brand name "N-duo" and the product category "N-duo," reinforcing the memorability of the brand name. The contrast between "N-duo" and "1-time" adds to the dramatic effect. With concise, four-character sentences, short rhymes, easy pronunciation, and memorability, these proverbs are easily spread and disseminated.



Store Design:

From storefronts to promotional banners, product lightboxes to unique display cards, Hua & Hua's menu design and the three purchase systems (purchase reasons, purchase guides, and purchase instructions) have been applied to streamline 11 commonly used media materials in stores. This enhances the sense of discovery in stores while improving the customer experience. The goal is to make the stores capable of selling products on their own, thereby increasing operational efficiency.


Photos of N-duo Sushi's New Year's event store design

Photos of N-duo Sushi's Spring event store design


Marketing Calendar:

The key to the marketing calendar is rooted in cultural sources. Life is a cycle, and when a brand becomes part of the rhythm of life, it becomes a part of consumers' lives. Each year, the same promotional activities are repeated, reducing communication and management costs while continuously increasing brand value and accumulating brand equity.

In January, there is the "Good Luck N-duo for the New Year - Eat N-duo, Good Luck for the New Year" campaign. In March, there is the "N-duo Cherry Blossom Season: Spring Outing with Cherry Blossom Love Sushi Tower" campaign. These campaigns, combined with product promotions, utilize Hua & Hua's three purchasing systems (purchase reasons, purchase guides, and purchase instructions) to upgrade old products such as "Signature Nori Sushi," "Australian Wagyu Sushi," and "Sakura Love Sushi," helping stores achieve double growth in revenue and customer traffic.


Key visual for N-duo Sushi's Spring Festival event


Key visual for N-duo Sushi's Spring event


Key visual for N-duo Sushi's Wagyu Sushi product launch





正心术 立正学 走正道


正心术 立正学 走正道