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New Oriental is the largest and most influential comprehensive education group in China, with 9 business groups. As early as 2008, New Oriental already had a complete layout of K12 business lines, the middle school business is called “U-Can” Middle School and elementary school business is called “POP Kids”. How to market the group brand and business brand? Should the group brand and the business brand be unified or should they work separately to communicate their brands? This is a topic that Hua & Hua and New Oriental have to consider together.

After the cooperation between the two parties, the first issue to be solved by Hua & Hua is:

1. the positioning and core demand of “U-Can”, the difference and association with the parent brand.

2. What New Oriental and “U-Can” do to support their respective positioning and propositions.

One of the tasks Hua & Hua received was the brand steward of “U-Can”, specifically to solve the above two issues.

The two businesses are managed independently by two business units, which in turn have their own operations and management teams. These two divisions are financially independent, marketing and promotion independent, and even enrolment is independent.

Strategic Direction

From the perspective of New Oriental Group, we think about the problems and countermeasures of the brand as a whole. With the cancellation of “U-Can” and “POP Kids”, Hua & Hua proposed to replace the original “U-Can” and “POP Kids” with the business name "New Oriental Primary and Middle School All Subjects Education".

Brand Slogan:(Figure 1)

The starting point of New Oriental's brand strategy is "teacher," so it was a natural idea to start the class by standing up and saying "Hello, teacher! This is a cultural matrix. You could say that this is a cultural matrix that everyone in the country knows and will say.

We took this familiar phrase, which has been around since the beginning of the novel and contains the original power of human culture, and injected it into the New Oriental brand so that people all over the country would say, "New Oriental, Good Teacher! The advertising slogan is not a phrase I say to him, but a phrase designed for him to say to others. "New Oriental, Good Teacher!" is the simplest and most powerful phrase for our teachers, students and parents to introduce New Oriental.

Using a super slogan unifies the brand slogan and maximizes the unity of the group's actions. It applies to all New Oriental product lines. You can say it during English classes. language classes and math classes. It applies to the unification of all business segments, which can be used in elementary school, secondary school, university, study abroad and vocational training.

Through the accumulation of symbol systems and brand assets, the brand message is maximized, a unified brand image is established, and the corporate brand action is unified. 

Super Mascots (Figure 2-3)

Based on the "book" label, the Super Mascot symbols are further privatized to create "self-explanatory" and "familiar" characters and the symbols are " parasitic" in some learning and life scenarios. To enhance the versatility of communication and ease of application, Hua & Hua developed the New Oriental cartoon mascot and created the "New Oriental Book Reader" super sign.

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Storefront design (Figure 4-6)

The store sign is the product packaging. The street is our shelf, and the storefront is the signal to make consumers relate to the brand. The store is not only competing with peers but with all the information on the whole street. Stores are the first strategic application props, is our first self-media.

Full mediaization of the store (Figure 7)

The core characteristic of the consumer in the purchase is the information seeker in the purchase environment. We have two core tasks in this part of the comprehensive media design.

1. to increase the functionality of campus guidance, so that you don't have to ask for directions to the door.

2. to provide reasons to buy, to give instructions to buy, and to accelerate the purchase decision. How to guide consumers to the door without asking for directions?

We took the E22 campus in Xi'an as an example and observed every touch point after consumers entered the campus building.

We designed 4 core guidance props: elevator door ads, elevator ads, elevator button signs, and campus bulletin boards to attract consumers to the door step by step.

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Continuous Improvement (Figure 8-14)

In response to the problems of long waiting times and unanswered questions from parents, Hua & Hua re-engineered the New Oriental class application manual. Through two key actions, a single handbook can quickly answer parents' class enrollment questions, speed up the marketing cycle of decision making, reduce repeated inquiries, and shorten conversion time. The basic information parents need to know about enrollment can be seen in the handbook, so they don't have to ask the staff repeatedly; the efficiency of front desk staff is improved, and the waiting time in line is reduced, shortening the average time to pay for classes by 24.3%.

Key action 1: Cover design reduces the cost of discovery

In order to reduce parents' discovery cost and attract parents to pick up the enrollment booklet, we made 3 enlargements on the cover design of the enrollment booklet.

Amplify the title: The title of the booklet is maximized so that it can be seen without approaching, stimulating consumers to read the booklet.

Amplify the super sign: to catch the eye and establish communication. The brand equity of New Oriental will continue to accumulate, and when you see a reader, you will think of New Oriental.

Amplify consumers' interest points: discount information, accelerate the conversion of class enrollment.

Key action 2: Every page and every piece of content is a mechanism.

Mechanism 1: Color blocking of course types and visualization of class withdrawal information. We use color to distinguish different course types, which is straightforward and shortens parents' time to search for course types and prices in the manual. We also highlight the information on refunds for trial classes that parents are concerned about using heavy colors to make it clear at a glance and reduce communication costs.

Mechanism 2: Charting of course content. We improved the situation that the original information sheet was inconvenient to read and not easy to identify. The time information that parents are concerned about is designed to be clearer and distinguished by color. Speed up parents' selection of course

time machine. Close 3:Enlarge the map of surrounding campuses. We have added a map of New Oriental campuses, presenting the addresses of each campus in the area, so that parents can understand at a glance when choosing a campus without having to ask again.

Mechanism 4: Enlarge the QR code. Guides parents to register online and reduces the pressure of front desk inquiries.

Mechanism 5:New Oriental, Good Teachers! Teachers' qualifications are clearer, providing reasons to buy and enhancing convincing power. Opportunity 6: Clarify teaching methods! Highlight the differentiated teaching methods of the brand to strengthen the reasons for purchase.


Advertising System (Figure 15-19) 

The key to the perfect implementation of this branding strategy is super execution. New Oriental placed "New Oriental, Good Teacher!" brand advertisements in all types of media nationwide. brand advertising in all types of media to build New Oriental's brand equity through repeated communications. "New Oriental, Good Teacher!” The New Oriental brand is a brand that has been repeatedly communicated throughout the country, occupying city landmarks and brand heights.





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