Yurun Food

Background (Picture 1):

Yurun Food faced a challenging period with five years of declining sales and organizational restructuring. Negative media sentiment further impacted the company's brand reputation in the market. Seeking a solution to prevent further decline, Yurun enlisted the expertise of Hua & Hua to develop a marketing strategy for rebranding and regaining recognition.

After thoroughly analyzing market insights and evaluating Yurun's resources, Hua & Hua recommended leveraging Yurun's 28-year history of producing exceptional low-temperature meat products. The strategy focused on exclusively promoting these renowned products to establish Yurun as the leading brand for low-temperature meat in China.

Brand Proverb (Picture 2):

"Choose freshness – eat Yurun to identify our three freshness!" 

This selected proverb highlights the core value of Yurun's low-temperature meat products: freshness. It establishes a strong connection between Yurun and freshness, emphasizing the superior quality and freshness of Yurun products compared to other brands in the low-temperature meat category. Yurun stands out as a brand that delivers exceptional freshness to consumers.

 Scientific Product Features:

 Yurun ensures freshness through three key aspects:

1.     Preservation of freshness using low-temperature techniques.

2.     Maintenance of freshness through a reliable cold chain system.

3.     Delivering a delightful and distinct taste experience.


Product Credentials:


1.     Consistent national sales leadership for an impressive 22 consecutive years.

2.     Two-time recipient of the Second Award for Scientific and Technological Progress from the State.

3.     A listed company in the Chinese Meat Product Industry.

Brand Pattern (Picture 4-7):

Yurun offers a wide range of products in their low-temperature meat line, which can make the fridge display arrangement complex. To address this, Hua & Hua developed a solution by incorporating dot patterns as the Brand Sign on all Yurun products. This unique design allows Yurun products to easily stand out in the fridge display.

The Brand Sign for Yurun was created by analysing the brand name "Yurun." The "Yu" in Yurun represents rain, and the visual representation of raindrops includes circular waves and round dots. These elements formed the basis for the creation of the Brand Sign.

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Packaging Design (Picture 8-10):

Yurun Classic Series

To boost sales, Yurun underwent a significant revamp of their existing classic product range. The new Yurun packaging design incorporates five essential features:


1.     The addition of "water dots" along the borders of all Yurun products to catch the eye in the fridge display.

2.     Consistency in design across all products to enhance brand recognition and create a cohesive image.

3.     Clear photographs of the finished food products prominently displayed on the packaging to provide users with visual guidance.

4.     Thoughtful incorporation of Yurun's distinctive "fresh" () icon, symbolizing freshness and attracting customers seeking quality and flavor.

5.     Ingenious utilization of the packaging's back as advertising space to effectively promote other offerings and engage consumers.



Advertising Strategy (Picture 11-12):

To regain Yurun's brand prominence, a strategic "brand restoration" marketing plan was developed. This plan includes the creation of a new brand key visual (KV) for advertising campaigns targeting Yurun's key sales regions.



Full-scale media integration at end displays (Picture 13):

The comprehensive media integration strategy aims to transform retail end displays into captivating sales platforms and brand showcases for Yurun's low-temperature products. This strategy involves occupying and maximizing the potential of these spaces.





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