Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er is a restaurant established in 2002 with 16 stores in Singapore. In August 2022, Dian Xiao Er and Hua & Hua reached a strategic partnership. Dian Xiao Er is the first overseas client for Hua & Hua. Unlike foreign companies entering China and seeking local consultation from Hua & Hua, this time Dian Xiao Er approached Hua & Hua to seek help with brand marketing in the local Singaporean and Southeast Asian markets. The most important expectation and demand is for Dian Xiao Er, after more than 20 years of development, to explore and organize its own history, lay the foundation, accumulate brand equity, and prepare for future development.

Hua & Hua created the "2-Duck" super sign and the brand proverb "Must-Try Herbal Roast Duck in Singapore" for Dian Xiao Er and continued improving the stores in Singapore.

n  Corporate Strategy The core brand value of Dian Xiao Er is the "Dian Xiao Er Singapore Herbal Roast Duck."

During the initial research phase, Hua & Hua discovered that Dian Xiao Er's biggest problem was being "rich but not prestigious." In other words, Dian Xiao Er had scale and strength in Singapore, but its brand position and momentum did not match its scale and strength. It lacked a clear and strong brand value. The goal was to help Dian Xiao Er achieve both richness and prestige. Therefore, before developing creative discourse and symbols, it was important to find Dian Xiao Er's core brand value and establish its brand strategy. The French sociologist Roland Barthes once said that commercial motivations are not concealed but amplified. When combined with the grand narrative of the era, we not only want to have brand influence but also influence in the market and society, establishing long-term development. This requires us to rethink and explore the larger cultural matrix of Dian Xiao Er's herbal roast duck.

The project team summarized popular colloquial reports on Dian Xiao Er and found that in the public's perception, Dian Xiao Er is synonymous with herbal roast duck. Considering the origin of the herbal roast duck, it is the world's third-largest duck cuisine, distinct from Beijing roast duck and Hong Kong-style roasted duck. It was originally a Malaysian dish, and Dian Xiao Er was the first to introduce herbal roast duck to Singapore and promote it extensively, gaining popularity among the people of Singapore. Dian Xiao Er possesses a unique value in its category, and this is the greatest brand drama. We have found the cultural matrix and spiritual value of Dian Xiao Er in its flagship product.

So, whether it's near or far, how do we go from being "rich but not prestigious" to achieving both richness and prestige? It is by finding the cultural matrix we rely on—Dian Xiao Er Singapore Herbal Roast Duck—and turning it into Singapore's national culinary calling card that we make the fragrance of Singaporean herbal roast duck waft worldwide. By grafting Dian Xiao Er Singapore Herbal Roast Duck onto the cultural matrix of Singapore, it not only harnesses the local cultural momentum but also injects new vitality into the development of Singaporean cuisine. This is the foundation for Dian Xiao Er's long-term success. With the strategic positioning of "Singapore Herbal Roast Duck," D

n   Other Media Systems

ian Xiao Er establishes its brand value.

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n  Brand Proverbs

Spread to the world with one single catchphrase:

"Dian Xiao Er Herbal Roast Duck, Must-Eat In Singapore"

In line with the brand strategy, Hua & Hua creatively developed the super proverb for Dian Xiao Er: "Dian Xiao Er Herbal Roast Duck, Must-Eat In Singapore." Hua & Hua has three key criteria for creating brand proverbs. Firstly, it should convey the core purchasing reasons and core value. Secondly, it is best to have a super sentence structure with cultural resonance, as such a structure can naturally generate word-of-mouth and be easy to understand, remember, and spread around. It can mobilize the masses to spread the message, and not only the general public but also our employees can carry it with them anytime, anywhere. Thirdly, it should provide a conclusion or assertion, preferably directly giving a purchase instruction to directly motivate the purchase. It can be an imperative sentence that urges action or a declarative sentence that states facts.

Firstly, "A Must-Try Herbal Roast Duck in Singapore" conveys the core purchasing reasons and core value of "Singapore" and "herbal roast duck."

Secondly, "Must-Try" is a super sentence structure. For example, "20 Must-Try Foods in China" or "A Must-Visit Merlion in Singapore." It is a structure that can be easily spread through word of mouth.

Thirdly, this sentence can directly give a purchase instruction, stimulating consumers to try it. It is a phrase that persuades purchasing in a single statement.

A truly creative idea can run on its own, spreading like wildfire and reaching the world with a single catchphrase.

n  Discourse System

A brand needs a discourse system. To plan the discourse of the masses and provide words, symbols, and stories that the most people can identify, remember, and talk about. Hua & Hua has planned seven major discourse for Dian Xiao Er:

·      Dian Xiao Er Discourse System 1: Brand Name - Dian Xiao Er (Chinese and English name)

·      Dian Xiao Er Discourse System 2: Product Value - Dian Xiao Er Singapore Herbal Roast Duck

·      Dian Xiao Er Discourse System 3: Brand Proverb - Dian Xiao Er Herbal Roast Duck, Must-Eat In Singapore

·      Dian Xiao Er Discourse System 4: Product Science - Dian Xiao Er establishes the new category value of "herbal roast duck."

u  Dian Xiao Er needs to endorse "herbal roast duck" and requires a set of product science to express category value and emphasize variety value, establishing value barriers.

1.     Herbal roast duck is good for your health when consumed frequently.

2.     Dian Xiao Er's 3 commitments to herbal roast duck:

n  Insist on using free-range ducks from farms.

n  Adhere to 18 steps to ensure flavourful outcome of the duck.

n  Insist on roasting and selling fresh ducks, don't sell overnight ducks.

3.     Sold 5 million herbal roast ducks in 20 years.

·      Dian Xiao Er Discourse System 5: Honour System - Dian Xiao Er's 10 awards.

·      Dian Xiao Er Discourse System 6: Service Slogan - Dian Xiao Er's service: serving is good and fast.

·      Dian Xiao Er Discourse System 7: Corporate Culture

u  Vision:

1.     To become the number one roast duck brand in the world.

2.     To become Singapore's national food symbol.

u  Mission:

1.     To provide the best herbal roast duck for Singapore and the world.

2.     To represent Singaporean cuisine in the world.


Super Sign

Dian Xiao Er's Super Sign: A world-class cultural "force"    "2-Duck"

The essence of a Super Sign is a cultural contract. When we talk about marketing communication, it must be a collective memory and cultural contract of the entire society, a symbol that even common people are familiar with. Super Sign, the most mature fruit in the collective memory and cultural contract of humanity. We extract it and assemble it into a fruit platter, pushing it to consumers. In fact, it takes advantage of human culture, directly using human cultural wealth for its own purposes, based on the principle of the cultural matrix.


Previously, Dian Xiao Er's image was based on the meaning represented by the name "Dian Xiao Er," which referred to the service staff of restaurants. However, this image signal lacked stimulating power because its cultural contract had a narrow scope and was only familiar to Chinese people. Although Dian Xiao Er's brand value is in Singapore, our brand influence must be based around the world, on a global scale. Dian Xiao Er needs a world-class Super Sign, which requires a world-class cultural "force". This sign should be universally recognizable worldwide. The reimagined Dian Xiao Er Super Sign is the greatest common denominator of cultural contracts found within the brand's own drama. It is understandable and familiar to everyone.

We have found a symbol that is recognized and familiar to everyone worldwide, and has a strong association with Dian Xiao Er— the Arabic numeral "2." It has a broader universality than letters, even surpassing language. Combined with the duck that is dramatically related to the "herbal roast duck" brand and the chef's hat representing the industry attribute, it forms the Dian Xiao Er Super Sign, "2-Duck!”

Dian Xiao Er's Super Sign, "2-Duck" also meets the seven criteria for Hua & Hua's Super Sign creation:

·      Firstly, an instant connection. "2-Duck" is instantly recognizable to everyone; it has a cultural contract on a global scale, magnifying the brand's drama. It creates an instant connection that is immediately apparent.

·      Secondly, it spreads effortlessly. We say that a Super Sign is designed for the ears. With just a glance, one can clearly describe what it looks like, not only for oneself but also to convey it to friends and acquaintances. It can be described, discussed, and spread around. A duck with a chef's hat can be described and spread orally.

·      Thirdly, it is self-explanatory. At first glance, it reveals the restaurant name and has a connection with the brand, and we use a chef's hat to convey my product category attribute.

·      Fourthly, it has uniqueness. By combining "2" + duck + chef's hat, the three elements create a familiar sense of novelty.

·      Fifthly, it has a visual impact. It is easily recognizable and memorable, catching attention at a glance, leaving a lasting impression.

·      Sixthly, it is practical. The single "2-Duck" is much more practical than the three words "Dian Xiao Er." It reduces our memory and communication costs, and can be applied widely. It possesses strong applicability and commanding value, allowing my brand value to be unleashed in many places.

·      Lastly, it can be registered exclusively, creating brand legitimacy for the Dian Xiao Er brand.

"2-Duck" Super Pattern

图片 1.png

n  Super Sign Application 1: Super Store Design

The essence of shelves is competition, and shopping malls are like shelves and storefronts are like packaging. The place where goods or brand information communicate with consumers is called the shelf. The essence of shelves is competition, where products compete for attention through information on the shelves. The goal is to attract buyers' attention, and communication is the key to making purchases.

For food enterprises: streets, commercial areas, and shopping malls are all shelves, and the storefront is the product, while the store sign is the packaging. We should design the storefront as the packaging of fast-moving consumer goods, finding ways to release signals on the shelves to capture the customers' attention and let them see you at first glance.

 0129-Enscape_2022-11-29-02 拷贝.jpg

n  Super Sign Application 2: Super Cutlery Design - 2-Duck Meal Tray

Cutlery is the medium with the longest contact time with customers. Hua & Hua's main problem in improving the signature product cutlery for the previous Dian Xiao Er was that it did not highlight the status and value of the signature product enough.
Hua & Hua's logic in designing the signature product meal tray: Make the product itself a symbol.
1. Strong symbolism, in line with the Super Sign.
2. The product is a medium, so it needs uniqueness and recognizability.
3. Easy to use, with both functional and advertising value.

The redesigned Super Prop: 2-Duck tray, makes the Herbal Roast Duck a super hero.
1. Super sales and communication prop: Each table has a 2-Duck base, reminding customers to order it as a must-eat item. It serves as both a sales and communication prop, as well as a super photo prop prepared for customers to share.
2. Amplify signal energy: Props serve as evidence, and the stronger the signal energy, the stronger the product's sense of value, emphasizing the weight of the flagship product.
3. Enhance the value experience: 100% accessible advertising space, deepening consumer memory, enhancing the sense of value.

n  Super Sign Application 3: Menu Brand Page Design

When customers enter the store, there is an opportunity for long-term communication and connections. It is a chance to impress them. In this case, the menu is the best medium for communication with consumers, showcasing detailed product information, scientific aspects, and honor systems.

图片 1.png


n  Super Sign Application 4: Clothing System

Employee uniforms are mobile advertising spaces for the brand.


n   Other Media Systems

图片 1.png

n  Dian Xiao Er's Mass Advertising Core Strategy

A strategy is based on anticipated investment. Dian Xiao Er aims to become the iconic Singaporean cuisine, truly achieving richness and prestige. To make employees proud, attract customers by reputation, receive welcome from shopping malls, gain attention from society, and arouse capital's interest, increased advertising investment is needed. Advertising investment should be done in stages and steps:

n  Start from within and expand outward, from near to far, progressively expanding the ripple of communication. Arrange promotional tools, from storefronts, menus, cutlery, and other media elements, to advertisements in the surrounding commercial areas leading to the store entrance, and then to mass advertising.

n  Build brand equity around "Dian Xiao Er Herbal Roast Duck, Must-Eat In Singapore" and invest in advertisements in high-traffic areas where tourists and local residents overlap, as well as in bus advertisements.

·      Storefront System

u  The strategic value of storefronts: prime advertising space

u  The 16 stores are like 16 billboards.

图片 1.png

·      Commercial Area Advertising System

u  Amplify the dramatic spread of the brand's voice throughout the commercial area.


n  Dian Xiao Er's Continuous Improvement

In addition to the super signs "2-Duck" and the brand proverb "Dian Xiao Er Herbal Roast Duck, Must-Eat In Singapore," Hua & Hua also continuously improves the local stores in Singapore. This is done by enhancing the store's communication materials to increase sales and operational efficiency.

Based on the premise of unchanged product prices and promotional policies, we have made continuous improvements to the installation of ten materials at the Yew Tee Point branch of Dian Xiao Er. The improved attention rate increased by 67.1% compared to the previous period, and sales increased by 14.6%.





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