YIAUTO brand was established in 2015 and provides consumers with a one-stop car purchasing service. YIAUTO plays the role of a channel distributor in the automotive industry. Based on customer needs, YIAUTO selects suitable cars for customers and obtains new cars from car manufacturers. It can be said that YIAUTO acts as an intermediary connecting both sides of the car transaction.

On June 1, 2021, Hua & Hua officially reached a strategic partnership with YIAUTO. At the beginning of the contract, YIAUTO expressed confusion at the business level, questioning whether they should focus on providing services since they are a channel distributor and do not own car products. After studying and understanding YIAUTO's business model, Hua & Hua discovered that YIAUTO's service model is not only limited to the business level but should also be driven by corporate strategy to provide a solid foundation for the enterprise. Therefore, Hua & Hua's strategic approach was to plan the corporate strategy for YIAUTO.

Strategy Direction (Picture 2):

Using Hua Yu Hua's "triangle" corporate strategy model, the project team has planned YIAUTO's corporate strategy.

1.     Social Problem: Asymmetric Information in Car Buying

a.     Price asymmetry, service asymmetry, after-sales asymmetry

2.     Business Mission: Ensure Car Buyers Don't Suffer Losses

a.     No loss in price, no loss in service, no loss in after-sales

3.     Business Strategy: Provide Car Buying and Car Usage Services

a.     Car Buying (car consultation, car sales)

b.     Car Usage (store services, car lifestyle)

Brand Proverbs (Picture 3):

"Today is the day to buy a car, We take responsibility for your car purchase."

The slogan "Today is the day to buy a car" combines the inherent drama of the brand with its name, leading to the first half of the slogan. The second half embodies the business category and core value, as YIAUTO's core business is "car purchase." Additionally, the project team found a superlative word representing the commitment and reassurance given to customers, which is "I take responsibility." Thus, the brand slogan for YIAUTO was created as "Today is the day to buy a car, I take responsibility for your car purchase."

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Super Sign (Picture 4—5):

In the creation of YIAUTO's Super Sign, Hua & Hua has defined two goals:

1.     The Super Sign should have industry attributes and industry recognition.

2.     "Professional, reliable, and trustworthy" are the qualities required in the industry, so the Super Sign should convey these qualities in the form of characters.

Based on this, the Super Character "Xiao Yi Ge" was created, incorporating facial features (square face + large black-framed glasses), industry attributes (black suit), and a super gesture (handshake - representing a communication signal to the other party).

Product Structure (Picture 6):

YIAUTO has built a service system around the car buying process as its product structure.

Two major factory commitments:

1.     Original new cars, nationwide price comparison.

2.     Original after-sales, nationwide warranty.

Six service guarantees:

1.     Professional car selection service, ensuring objectivity and neutrality.

2.     Nationwide price comparison service, ensuring transparency.

3.     Accompanied test drive service, ensuring full-time support.

4.     Real-time car tracking service, ensuring timely delivery.

5.     Trustworthy delivery service, ensuring accurate vehicle inspection.

6.     Peace of mind car usage service, ensuring worry-free after-sales support.


Store Design (Picture 7—15):

YIAUTO's new flagship store features:

1.     Creating a super storefront with the super sign and brand proverb on the storefront, using yellow as the brand color, making the storefront shine and increasing the overall brightness of the store.

2.     Placing the Super Character "Xiao Yi Ge" inside the store, with the proactive handshake gesture attracting customers to take a look or shake hands and take photos with Xiao Yi Ge.

3.     Super menu display shelves, prominently displaying the products outside the store, with enlarged and bolded car prices. Having prices allows consumers to choose according to their budget, and displaying the vehicle models allows consumers to directly see what each vehicle looks like.

4.     Store blackboards, electronic screens, inquiry desks, allowing customers to quickly access vehicle and sales information.

5.     In-store electronic screens + lightbox posters, reflecting the value of services and sales information. Vehicle information is presented in a format similar to a stock exchange, displaying more comprehensive and direct information. Interactive electronic screens attract customer attention and increase their time spent in the store. Lightboxes display the car buying service steps provided by YIAUTO, reassuring customers during their store visit.








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