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Background (Picture 1):

Hauswirt is the flagship client of Hua & Hua in the e-commerce category. Its core product category is Hauswirt ovens, along with complementary baking products such as mixers and egg beaters. The online trial operation of Hauswirt started in 2008, and it was officially established as the Hauswirt brand in 2009. With online channels as the main focus, Hauswirt has been in operation for 13 years. Hauswirt started from scratch and gradually grew, with one key factor being the founder's frequent statement: "We should thank Alibaba's Jack Ma and his dad." Hauswirt fully capitalized on the advantages of e-commerce platforms and made every step based on the development trends of e-commerce. During the phase of low costs and high returns in acquiring traffic, Hauswirt experienced rapid growth.

However, all companies that rely on the advantages of e-commerce will eventually face a common problem: as the advantages provided by e-commerce platforms diminish and traffic costs increase, how can e-commerce enterprises evolve for sustained growth after the period of advantages? This is the core issue that Hauswirt and Hua & Hua have identified – through brand upgrades, maintaining continuous growth for e-commerce companies after the period of advantages.

Strategy Direction:

Super Sign is Super Creativity. Only by building a brand can Hauswirt establish its own traffic sovereignty.

1.     Establish Hauswirt's product structure and simplify the purchase path by categorizing Hauswirt products for baking users according to their proficiency levels: entry-level, enthusiast-level, and commercial-grade.

2.     Create a super symbol by extracting the super elements of salted crackers and privatizing them, resulting in the creation of Hauswirt's super symbol – the red cookie "H". This will establish the brand's power of dissemination.

3.     Build a comprehensive discourse system and establish Hauswirt's brand resume to shape brand trust and pride.

4.     Develop Hauswirt's brand self-media system to establish brand traffic sovereignty at zero cost.

Product Structure (Picture 2):

Through consumer focus groups, insights were gained into the memorable aspects of Hauswirt's flagship products and the characteristics of the baking community. The following product structure strategies were developed:

·      In the first step, design the consumer's purchasing logic and simplify the purchase path by categorizing Hauswirt products for baking users according to their proficiency levels: entry-level, enthusiast-level, and commercial-grade.

·      In the second step, retain the naming conventions of Hauswirt's popular products and extend the brand equity accumulated by these popular products, solidifying them as part of the product structure.

·      In the third step, establish a clear Hauswirt product development path: continuing to invest in and accumulate the high-volume oven category, and focusing resources on the development of the next flagship product, Hauswirt i7.

The underlying strategic idea behind the product structure and naming strategy is to improve the efficiency of resource allocation and utilization while reducing consumers' purchasing costs.

Product Design (Picture 3-5):

The goal of Hauswirt's oven product development and industrial design is to incorporate the Hauswirt salted cracker Super Sign into the products, making them a medium for brand media placement in every use by consumers. Products are the optimal position and link for consumers to experience and interact with the brand, making them the most influential media.

Building upon existing oven designs, we implemented continuous improvements. On the conventional glass panel of an oven, there is a common "burst prevention dot." We transformed this shape into that of a soda cracker, which is a small but significant improvement. This minor change turns the oven into a media platform and enables the transformation from a product to a medium, establishing traffic sovereignty through the product.

Store Design (Figures 6-7):

Starting with its development in e-commerce, Hauswirt has the advantage of e-commerce DNA. At the same time, it is keeping up with the trend by creating O2O stores. In the initial phase, the implementation of different stores is not yet perfect, with some having product samples on display while others lack proper layout.

For Hauswirt, the baking schools offer more than just potential consumers; they also provide an opportunity to establish brand influence and traffic sovereignty. Similarly, the Hauswirt brand can also bring traffic to the baking classrooms. Therefore, we have transformed the offline baking schools into strongholds for Super Sign, turning them and baking classrooms into five major components of a super shelf. Additionally, we are creating standardized ways to display baking classrooms as a means to assist sales while establishing brand sovereignty.

Brand Slogan (Figure 8):

During the collaboration with Hauswirt, Hua & Hua visited oven users in the baking community to understand the main factors influencing their user experience and usage rates. The two main factors are the long and complicated baking process and the high failure rate, especially for beginners, resulting in overcooked or burnt food. How can we alleviate consumers' concerns when purchasing ovens? Starting from the unique selling points of Hauswirt ovens, which include the standalone design, relative simplicity of operation, industrial-grade precise temperature control, 360-degree temperature circulation, and enamel interior for easy cleaning, coupled with continuous technological advancements, Hauswirt ovens provide a convenient and successful baking experience that saves time and effort. Therefore, Hua & Hua distilled a brand slogan that bypasses consumers' psychological defenses: "Choose Hauswirt ovens for a hassle-free baking experience." By breaking through consumers' psychological defenses in communication, the slogan promotes sales. Based on the Super Slogan, Hua & Hua further developed a brand resume, establishing Hauswirt's discourse and communication system to foster trust and pride in the brand.

Brand Character (Picture 9-10):

Hauswirt Baby

1.     Pioneered the "Super Sign + Super IP" integrated design, doubling the amplification of brand signal energy.

2.     Amplified the brand's personality and theatricality with the ability to generate content and create topics continuously.

3.     By creating the Super IP, Hauswirt further accumulated brand equity and applied the image of the IP at the point of sale, effectively establishing an interactive relationship with consumers and strengthening consumer awareness of the brand.

4.     The versatile and widely applicable Hauswirt biscuit character is highly usable. The brand's self-media can be fully utilized, making it a highly attractive facade at Hauswirt exhibitions. Emoticons, blind boxes, and oven stickers, as props for online content and sales, have universal appeal.

Brand Logo (Picture 11-16):

Hauswirt's oven brand, dedicated to baking. Where can the cultural origin of the Hauswirt Super Sign be found? It is evident in the common baking scenes worldwide. The closest and most direct global public symbol of baking, with over 200 years of history, is salted crackers. By extracting the super elements of salted crackers and privatizing them, the Hauswirt Super Sign was created - the red biscuit "H".

E-commerce Page Design (Picture 17-20):

There are two types of shelves for Hauswirt: one is the e-commerce channel shelf, and the other is the offline channel shelf.

On the e-commerce channels, the visual presentation of oven products on the page is highly homogenized, and the product appearance is highly similar, making it difficult to distinguish. How can we stand out on the page shelves, attract consumer attention and clicks? This is the first key media application of the Super Sign - the shelf self-media.

Hua & Hua creatively express the Hauswirt biscuit symbol, allowing Hauswirt products to quickly stand out on highly homogenized page shelves, awakening confused consumers, attracting attention, and stimulating clicks. It also forms a unified symbol for the brand, becoming one of the brand's self-media and establishing traffic sovereignty on online shelves.





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