Background (Figure 1):

MLILY is a professional mattress and pillow manufacturer and obtained the international patent for "non-temperature-sensitive zero-pressure foam" in 2011. In 2016, MLILY established a global partnership with Manchester United, and its products are sold in 73 countries worldwide, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan, making it the largest supplier of zero-pressure foam. In 2018, Hua & Hua formed a strategic partnership with MLILY, delving into corporate strategy, brand strategy, and product development, among other areas.

Strategy Direction (Figure 2):

"Enterprise Treasure Hunt" is the first step in Hua & Hua's service for each new client, which involves exploring the treasures in the client's company history. It is essential to discover, polish, and amplify the valuable elements from the client's past rather than making wholesale changes from the start.

When evaluating MLILY's past branding and marketing efforts, we found that MLILY possesses many resources with core values. The patent for the non-temperature-sensitive zero-pressure foam has established a technological barrier. However, in terms of marketing and promotion, MLILY wavered between "deep sleep" and "zero-pressure," failing to accumulate effective brand equity. During this period, the concept of zero-pressure also started gaining popularity in the mattress industry. Upon closer examination, we discovered that MLILY was one of the earliest mattress manufacturers in China to propose the concept of "zero-pressure," making it the deserving pioneer of the "zero-pressure mattress" concept. Numerous marketing activities were implemented around this concept, indicating prior investments by MLILY in the zero-pressure theme. The more time invested in something, the higher the barrier becomes. MLILY should continue investing in "zero-pressure" to accumulate brand assets. Harnessing the power of numbers, we transformed "zero-pressure" into the more consumer-friendly and recognizable term "0 pressure." Based on these resource endowments, we ultimately chose to continue with "0 pressure" as the brand's strategic direction.

Product Science:

MLILY Zero-Pressure Mattress: Less pressure, better sleep.

The MLILY Zero-Pressure Mattress is made from the internationally patented zero-pressure foam, which possesses unique slow-rebound and evenly supported mattress. It ensures an average body-mattress fit of 88.73%, evenly distributing body weight and significantly reducing the impact force on the body. This reduces the need to toss and turn frequently during sleep and effectively improves deep sleep time. Clinical trials have shown that using the MLILY Zero-Pressure Mattress reduces the time taken to fall asleep by 49% and increases the duration of deep sleep by 12.5%.

Brand Naming (Figure 3):

By utilizing the technological barrier of "zero-pressure" and establishing a new product category distinct from latex and spring mattresses in the market, we highlight the category's value and secure the authority to define the "zero-pressure mattress." Starting with the naming process, we continue the MLILY product's distinctive features and formally use the name "MLILY Zero-Pressure Mattress."

Brand Proverbs (Figure 4):

The creativity of brand proverbs depends on identifying the specific differentiated value of MLILY products compared to other similar products. We conducted in-depth research and found that the innovative value brought by the non-temperature-sensitive zero-pressure foam patent technology is MLILY's greatest value.

From an objective and physical perspective, the most significant characteristic that sets MLILY apart from mattresses made of other materials can be summarized as follows: When sleeping on an MLILY mattress, due to its nearly 100% body-mattress fit, the pressure on the body approaches zero. Using a set of relatable expressions, we can describe it as lying down without the lower back hanging, breathing without chest discomfort while lying face down, and sleeping on the sides without shoulder pressure.

From a subjective perspective, high work and life pressures are the main causes of modern people's sleep problems. High stress is a recurring scenario in life. We magnify this drama and incorporate it into MLILY's discourse system for the zero-pressure mattress, creating MLILY's brand proverb: "Less pressure, better sleep."

Super Sign (Figure 5)

Design is about communicating through visuals, which minimizes costs.

The standard is "what you see is what you get," which is unmistakably MLILY. Whether it's the English name "MLILY" (derived from "DREAM LILY") or the Chinese name "梦百合" (simplified from "好梦百合"), both naturally embed a sense of drama in the lily flower. After adding elements associated with sleep, MLILY's Super Sign as a brand naturally emerges:

The lily flower is a well-known flower worldwide; The fairy of flowers is a mythological character that has been portrayed and celebrated across different cultures and eras; Sleeping Beauty is a protagonist known in both Eastern and Western fairy tales.

Lily flower + fairy of flowers + Sleeping Beauty + mattress = MLILY's exclusive Super Sign.

屏幕快照 2023-05-30 下午4.30.10.png

Storefront System (Figure 6):

To gain shelf display advantages based on consumers' visualisation habits, the storefront is the primary prop that attracts attention. Through on-site observations, we discovered that MLILY stores only had two exposed logos, and the overall color scheme was predominantly black, making it difficult to attract attention within the entire aisle. Therefore, in 2018, three significant improvements were made to the storefront:

1.     Adding MLILY fairy display windows.

2.     Installing diagonal signs on both sides of the entrance so that people passing by can see them from a distance. The signs are designed to be easily understood, stating, "MLILY, the pioneer of zero-pressure mattresses, official partner of Manchester United."

3.     Treating the store as an advertising space, ensuring that the external walls convey information. Through repetitive messaging at different entrances, every customer entering MLILY's domain can receive the brand's information.

Continuous Improvement (Figure 7):

The two main sources of traffic for MLILY's retail channels are physical stores and e-commerce. The key to continuous improvement lies in its sustainability. In 2018 and 2019, Hua & Hua implemented two rounds of continuous improvement for physical stores:

1.     In 2018, Hua & Hua conducted the first terminal store improvement, focusing on the storefront. After the improvements, the average monthly sales increased by 338%, with a year-on-year growth of 67.8%.

2.     In September 2019, Hua & Hua carried out the second terminal store improvement, resulting in the identification of 11 standard materials. After the improvements, the average daily attention rate increased by 208.8%, and the average daily store entry rate increased by 104.8%.

屏幕快照 2023-05-30 下午4.32.30.png

Brand Marketing Calendar (Figure 8):

In the building materials and home furnishings industry, a common marketing method is known as "ground activities." In other words, it involves providing discounts and promotions on specific occasions. If you don't offer discounts or promotions, customers won't make purchases. Over time, this creates a disguised form of discount promotion.

Starting in 2020, Hua & Hua redeveloped most of MLILY's ground activities, which produced significant results. Some examples include:

·      March 21: National Sleep Festival: the longer you sleep, the more discounts you receive.

·      May 1: Zero-Pressure Labor Day, additional discounts with a work ID.

·      June 18: Lao Ni Recommendation Day

·      August: Zero-pressure Back-to-School Campaign, ensuring good sleep even while at school.

·      October 1: National Football Penalty Shootout: more goals give you bigger prizes.

·      November: Global Zero-Pressure Experience Day

Among these activities, the ones held in March, May, June, and October have been conducted continuously for two years, resulting in sustained growth for two consecutive years.





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