Xi Bei

Background Introduction (Figure 1)

In 2013, Hua & Hua Xi Bei created the "I 莜" brand Super Sign and planned exciting marketing activities such as the "Xi Bei Kiss Discount Festival", which helped Xi Bei transform from a local cuisine with a strong rural style to an international fashion catering brand. From the Xi Bei Kiss Discount Festival to the Xi Bei Children's Set Meal, Hua & Hua helped Xi Bei constantly find actions that could last for 100 years based on its own endowment.

Product Science (Figure 2)

Why is the mutton at Xi Bei delicious? Because it is grassland lamb. It eats green grass, drinks clean water, and raised naturally. Developed for children aged 1-12, if you have a baby at home, they should eat Xi Bei. The dietary fiber of the millet meal is ten times that of rice, and it can be cooked in three different ways.

Beef can be eaten in nine ways, satisfying your meat cravings.

Discourse System (Figure 3)

Brand slogan: Close your eyes and pick, every dish is delicious.

Business theory: Grassland beef and lamb, rural grains and cereals, and a good eating strategy.

Marketing calendar discourse: Beef can be eaten in nine ways, satisfying your meat cravings - Mongolian beef bone soup; if you have a baby at home, they should eat Xi Bei; kiss and get a discount, I 莜; eat millet as the staple food, recommended by Jia Guolong; only when you've eaten fragrant chives can you say it's spring; give your family healthy mooncakes; Gobi rockmelon, one bite of sweetness at home.

Vision: A good meal anytime, anywhere. Because of Xi Bei, there is joy in life.





Brand Logo (Figures 4-5)

By finding the human cultural symbol "I YOU", the Super Sign can make a new brand an old friend of consumers overnight. "I YOU" has become a symbol of popular culture. By using the cultural power of "I YOU" and creating "I ", it parasitizes into the most popular modern culture, creating strong dramatic effects and making people feel familiar and fashionable. Every time "I YOU" is mentioned, the Xi Bei brand name is spread, and love is also conveyed.


Sales Props/Assisted Sales System (Figure 6)

The baby bib is Xi Bei's key media material. Since the birth of the Super Sign, Xi Bei has given every baby who enters the store a free bib. Up to now, 200 million bibs have been distributed, creating 200 million brand spreadings.


Menu Design (Figures 7-10)

Electronic iPad Menu

It reshapes the customer ordering logic and is Xi Bei's first set of dynamic ordering systems for dishes. It reorganizes the ordering logic, visualizes the product value through icons, categorizes information hierarchically, highlights purchasing reasons, purchasing guides, and purchasing instructions. Each product is redesigned to present the product value visually, improving the efficiency of customer ordering.


Menu design is the strategic focus and decisive factor in the catering industry, assisting stores in selling goods. Through electronic interface design, it achieves dynamic "video + picture" design, and the high-definition screen enhances the details and appetite of the dishes.


Advertisement (Figure 11):


Xi Bei Children's Meal, a brand new upgrade launched on Children's Day (June 1st). Hua & Hua produced a promotional video and a 15-second TV commercial (TVC) for the children's meal, extensively played on in-store digital media TVs and outdoor screens. They created a "V-log" showcasing kids enthusiastically enjoying their meals. The advertising effect was extremely successful, with children even pointing at the TV and saying, "I want that (children's meal) too." The children's meal advertisement became an explosive hit, leveraging the brand equity accumulated over 5 years.


From 2017 to 2022, Xi Bei continuously optimized the children's meal, serving 6 million young customers annually. "Children’s Meal, Just Eat Xi Bei" became the catchphrase, emphasizing the strategic focus on menu design as a key factor in selling products in the catering industry. Through an electronic interface combining "video + images," dynamic designs enhanced the presentation of the dishes, creating appetizing visuals on high-definition electronic screens. This has become Xi Bei's new Brand Discourse.


Originally, Chinese restaurants didn't offer children's meals, but Xi Bei was the first to introduce and continuously optimize them for 5 years, providing the best dining experience for children and parents. If you love your children, give them a better children's meal. Xi Bei provides professional children's meals for 200 million Chinese children, truly embodying the brand's virtue.


The children's meal advertisement contributed to a sales volume of over 5.68 million units in just 10 months of 2021, surpassing the sales of 2020 by 1.56 times and the sales of 2019 by 2.2 times, resulting in sales revenue of over 200 million in a year!



Marketing Calendar (Figure 12-16):

1.  Slogan: "Kiss and Get a Discount, I You." Hua & Hua proposed the Kiss for Discount Festival, incorporating "I You" into the culture of love. The event is held on Valentine's Day (February 14th) every year and will continue for 50 years, even 100 years. As of 2021, it has already been held for 7 sessions with over 600,000 customers participating.


2.  Slogan: "Oat Noodles for Main Course, Jia Guolong Endorsed." Oat noodles are Xi Bei's signature and strategic product. Hua & Hua created purchase reasons with slogans like "Xi Bei Oat Noodle Village, Enter the United Nations" and "Oat Noodles for Main Course, Endorsed by Jia Guolong," driving the popularity of oat noodles and creating a bustling scene where everyone must eat oat noodles at Xi Bei Oat Noodle Village.


3.  Slogan: "Children’s Meal, Just Eat Xi Bei." Our customers begin in childhood. Since 2017, we have been customizing exclusive children's meals and upgrading the dining experience for children for 4 consecutive years, starting from product development. Key elements include: (1) A powerful slogan: "Children’s Meal, Just Eat Xi Bei" (2) A super prop: "I You" Bibs (3) An exclusive menu: Xi Bei's Doodle Menu for Children (4) A set of service commitments: Xi Bei's 7 Child-Friendly Services.


4.  Slogan: "Gobi Melon, Sweetness of Home." Gobi melon is a seasonal product of Xi Bei. Hua & Hua proposed the establishment of a new category for rockmelon and created the purchase reason of "Gobi Melon, Sweetness of Home." We also designed a powerful icon using the Chinese character for "sweet." Additionally, we captured a highly appetizing photo of the melon. With just one image, the melon becomes highly sought-after every summer.


5.  Slogan: "Healthy Mooncakes for Our Family." Multigrain mooncakes are Xi Bei's seasonal product. Hua & Hua created the purchase reason of "Healthy Mooncakes for Our Family" and designed an exclusive gift box for the multigrain mooncakes, featuring the Super Sign of a rabbit embracing wheat stalks. Along with the meta-media campaigns, Xi Bei's multigrain mooncakes have been bestsellers for over 10 years.






6.  Slogan: "9 Ways to Eat Beef, Indulge in the Meaty Feast." Mongolian beef ribs, a signature dish newly introduced by Xi Bei in 2018, originated from the classic eating style of Mongolia. We renamed "beef ribs" as "Mongolian beef ribs" and established a new product category. In our marketing efforts, we explored the Cultural Matrix of Mongolian beef ribs and used the symbol of a Mongolian wrestler, along with the symbol of "appetite" – beef pile up as a mountain. We created the slogan of "9 Ways to Eat Beef, Indulge in the Meaty Feast." Now, Mongolian beef ribs have become a phenomenal marketing case in the restaurant industry.




正心术 立正学 走正道


正心术 立正学 走正道