Background (Figure 1)

QI AN XIN is a benchmark case for Hua & Hua’s B2B clients.

In early 2013, Hua & Hua determined the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business mission for Mr. Qi Xiangdong as "protecting internet security of China" and proposed a business structure from ToG (government) to ToB (business) to ToC (customers).

Since 2019, QI AN XIN Group has entered a high-speed development and has grown into the market leader in China's Cyber Network Security industry, known as the "No.1 in Network Security".

After the two consecutive "Hua & Hua Five-Year Branding Plans" in 2015 and 2020, the uninterrupted cooperation between Hua & Hua and QI AN XIN has lasted for 10 years by 2022. The Hua & Hua corporate strategy has been escorting QI AN XIN to the "No.1 in Network Security", perfectly demonstrating the value of "Hua & Hua = strategic consulting company + advertising company + product development company".

Insight into Corporate Strategy (Figure 2)

The essence of a company is to solve social problems, and a social problem is a business opportunity. A huge social problem is a huge business opportunity. Therefore, corporate strategy is not the strategy to help the company, but the strategy formulated by the company to solve a social problem and serving society. The triangle model of the Hua & Hua corporate strategy has developed the corporate strategy of "protecting China's internet security" for Mr. Qi Xiangdong, planned the three major business combinations and product structures of personal network security, enterprise network security, and national network security, and set the strategic direction for QI AN XIN.

Discourse System (Figure 3)

Revolve around the brand slogan " One step faster to safety", "QI AN XIN, One step faster to Cybersecurity " and the Winter Olympics marketing slogan "Winter Olympics standard, QI AN XIN, One step faster to Cybersecurity " were created.

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Brand Logo (Figure 4)

The tiger talisman was a token used by ancient Chinese emperors to grant military authority to their subjects and to deploy troops, as a token issued by the central government to local officials or It was issued by the central government to local officials or garrison chiefs as a token of troop transfer. Currently, QI AN XIN mainly serves ministries, central enterprises and various corporate organizations. The type of business and customer groups determine the brand symbol to give people a feeling of stability, security and reliability, we chose the more stable and safer Crouching Tiger Symbol as the prototype to create the Super sign of QI AN XIN.

According to the industry attributes of network security, modern and technological design elements are incorporated into the Tiger Talisman, and the inscriptions on the Tiger Talisman are replaced by binary codes, with "1101", "01" and "1001" in the front, middle and back, which are the binary codes corresponding to the Morse code of Q, A and X. The design becomes the unique brand symbol of Qi An Xin - the Tiger Talisman.

Brand Mascot (Figure 5)

A creative image based on the QI AN XIN Data Tiger Talisman. The main body of "Cybersecurity No.1" is divided into three parts: a tiger body, a tiger face, and clothing. The tiger body is yellow with blue patterns and is petite in size. The tiger face has delicate features and wears a VR headset with a full sense of technology. The top has a pattern of "0101" and the words "Cybersecurity No.1." Raising a thumbs-up gives an overall feeling of vitality, conveying a sense of happiness, cuteness, trustworthiness, and security. During events such as the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics, the character was redesigned as a Tang suit version, a skiing version, a Spring Festival emoji, and a Winter Olympics emoji series.

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Comprehensive Media Development/ Meta-Media Development (Figure 6)

The Data Tiger Symbol was born and should be raised. The joint logo of Qi An Xin Data Tiger Symbol and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is used in various Qi An Xin types of exhibitions, increasing the frequency of exposure. The company's internal self-promotion, from building advertisements to company halls to various exhibitions, from office supplies to gifts, the Data Tiger Symbol is ubiquitous.

Continuous Improvement (Figure 7)

Based on the three modernizations principle, Qi An Xin standardized its exhibition content and gradually achieved cost reduction and efficiency improvement. In 2021, the exhibition theme style and image were unified, and the Cybersecurity China Team, Winter Olympics Security, Industrial Internet Security, and Cybersecurity No.1 images were highly repeated and displayed, forming more than 150 standardized exhibition content scenes in six categories. This supported 39 brand actions throughout the year, with a 54% decrease in the cost of building per square meter.

Brand Communication/ Advertising Creativity (Figures 8-15)

1.      Creativity design for the advertisement Cybersecurity No 1 avatar with an opening of  Peking Opera, combining it with the Beijing Winter Olympics to complete Cybersecurity No 1’s debut.

2.      Design the brand spokesperson and other Winter Olympics marketing series posters.

3.      Creative design of the main visuals of the conference activities such as QI AN XIN annual meeting and the pledge of the Chinese cyber security team.


Internal Roadshow/ Marketing Coach (Figures 16-18)

In 2019, QI AN XIN held the Super Sign Training Camp, inviting colleagues from the branding/ marketing department to learn from Hua & Hua. They completed the exciting course "Super Sign is Super Creativity". Together with Hua & Hua's classic case studies, they learnt the design of the Super Sign and the creation of super slogans in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, which brought profound enlightenment to the QI AN XIN team.

Brand Marketing Calendar (Figure 19)

Hua & Hua designed a fixed marketing calendar for QI AN XIN, forming a biological clock in customers' minds in the cybersecurity industry. Whenever it is time for events such as the Digital China Exhibition, Beijing Network Security Day, Beijing Network Security Conference, China International Service Trade Fair, Wuzhen Internet Conference, and Tianfu Cup Network Security Competition, customers will naturally pay attention to QI AN XIN's exhibition activities.

In 2021, a total of 21 national branding events were held, gradually forming the clear themes and unified exhibition style and image such as"Winter Olympics Standard for QI AN XIN, One Step Ahead in Cybersecurity" and "We are the Cybersecurity China Team”. It was reported twice on "News Broadcast," 11 times on mainstream media such as CCTV and Xinhuanet, and 11 times on local TV stations such as Beijing TV, Guiyang TV, and Liaoning TV. The coverage of online dissemination reached nearly 10 million people.

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Product Structure/ Product Development (Figure 20-21)

Hua & Hua and QI AN XIN jointly developed the emergency response service - 95015 service hotline. The creative product slogan is "Cybersecurity one step ahead with 95015," and designed product logos, ringtones, animations, product launch conference images and business cards.

During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the 95015 service short number was an important support platform for government and enterprises’ network security. It is also a “green lane” for an emergency response to major network security incidents across the country and a critical link in the national Winter Olympics network security. After the Beijing Winter Olympics, the 95015 services short number was permanently retained, providing emergency response, cooperation, and consulting services for network security to government and enterprise organizations nationwide.

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Public Relations Product (Figure 22-25)

Based on the product development idea of Hua & Hua, the "BCS Beijing Cybersecurity Conference" is a free social service product created by Hua & Hua for QI AN XIN Group. Hua & Hua used rhetorical principles to complete the conference name - Beijing Cyber Security Conference, the conference slogan - Global Cyber Security, Listen to Beijing's Voice, the conference song - Welcome To BCS, and the creative annual conference theme: 2019 conference theme word The theme of the conference is "Convergence, Change, Endogenous Security" in 2019, "Endogenous Security, Starting from a Security Framework" in 2020, and "Operating Security, Operating Securely" in 2021, which together form the "Three Keys" for the government and enterprises to implement cybersecurity. The "trilogy" of cybersecurity implementation for governments and enterprises. Rather, the conference brings together a wide range of global cybersecurity technologies, experts, organizations and wisdom to provide a world-class platform for communication and discussion on cybersecurity in China. Currently, the BCS Beijing Cybersecurity Conference is being held for three consecutive sessions in 2019, 2020 and 2021. It is known as the "Davos" of the cybersecurity industry.




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