Background Introduction(Figure 1)

The Hua & Hua method says: everything is one thing. The case of ChaCha is a representative case of Hua & Hua's "packaging design + product strategy + corporate strategy + brand marketing" integration in the FMCG industry. 20 years ago, ChaCha has been the leading enterprise in China's melon seeds and fried goods industry, and in the past two years, it has become the leading brand in China's nut industry.

The cooperation between Hua & Hua and ChaCha began in February 2019, and on July 18 of the same year, ChaCha released its new brand strategy "ChaCha masters key freshness technology" for the first time. At the same time, the new product packaging designed by Hua & Hua for ChaCha was also launched. In the first month of the new packaging, sales increased by 120% year-on-year sales and market value both broke new highs! In 2020, Qia launched two strategic new products, namely ChaCha Breakfast Daily Nut Oatmeal and ChaCha Probiotic Daily Nut, which were again a great success once they were launched. The first month of trial sales of ChaCha Probiotic Daily Nut exceeded 12 million, and the sales of ChaCha Breakfast increased by 200% from the previous year; the "three carriages" led the 10 billion business map of ChaCha Nut.

Product Structure (Figure 2)

Without products, there is no strategy. Product structure is the roadmap of enterprise strategy, and any strategy will eventually be implemented into product strategy.

Brand Slogan (Figure 3)

ChaCha, master the key preservation technology. In a single sentence, ChaCha is the leader in the development of nut industry by linking corporate strategy, brand strategy, product development and advertising creativity. The honor symbol - ribbon is the Super sign of ChaCha, which amplifies the reason of purchase and has the visual compulsion to build brand equity and establish the shelf advantage at the sales.

Discourse System (Figure 4-5)

From raw materials to packaging, ChaCha establishes Troika to freshness:

1. 100% nuts picked in season.

2. Precision baking with Swiss technology, crispy taste.

3. Milk powder grade freshness packaging, oxygen content < 1%.

ChaCha's freshness preservation technology won the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

Packaging system (Figure 6-7)

Packaging design is the strategic focus and decisive point of FMCG brand marketing.

The standard of Hua & Hua is that each marketing tool can accomplish a separate attack. The packaging is designed to make the product fully automatic and sell when it is put on the shelf.

The ChaCha Nut Troika.

1. ChaCha's small yellow bag of daily nuts

2. ChaCha daily oatmeal with breakfast nuts

3. ChaCha's little blue bag of probiotic daily nuts


Advertising system (Figure 8)

Continuous Improvement(Picture 9)

Advertising film(Fig.10)

A super commercial that exploded the audience and built brand awareness overnight.

The technical requirement for the Hua & Hua 15-second commercial: a 15-second show to get a viewer's attention and willingness to pay for a product he is hearing about for the first time.



Brand Marketing Calendar (Figure 11)

Sales Marketing Calendar: Exam Preparation Festival, Travel Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year Festival

Launch events (Figure 12-14)

Master the industry discourse by holding the "China Nut Industry Standards Conference".





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