PanPan Food

Background (Picture 1-2):

PanPan Food is an exceptional example in Hua & Hua's fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) category, thanks to its successful communication campaign during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Let's explore the two key strategies that made it a standout brand:


1.     The "PanPan Bear" is PanPan Food's beloved mascot, known as the Super Sign representing the brand. You may have noticed this adorable bear on the packaging of PanPan Food's baked goods and other products. This clever move helped PanPan Food establish a strong brand identity.

2.     During the Winter Olympics, PanPan Food introduced a catchy slogan: "Eat PanPan, Watch the Olympics." This slogan highlights how PanPan Food can be your delightful companion while enjoying the excitement of the Olympic games.

 Thanks to these strategies, PanPan Food has become a leading FMCG brand in China, gaining widespread recognition across the country.

Brand Slogan (Picture 3):

Eat PanPan, Watch the Summer Olympics

Eat PanPan, Watch the Winter Olympics

Whatever the nation loves - PanPan Food will make it

(PanPan Food makes what the people love to eat)



Brand Mascot Design (Picture 4-6):


PanPan Bear


Brand Pattern Design (Picture 7)




Packaging Design:

Bakery Goods: PanPan French Soft Bread, PanPan Shredded Bread, PanPan Snow Rice Crackers, PanPan Rice Crackers.

Puffed Foods: PanPan MaiXiang Chicken-Flavored Snacks, PanPan Potato Chips, Panzi Three Brothers Snacks.

Biscuits Selection: PanPan Ameria Products

Healthy Food: Fish Sausage, Konjac Shuang, etc.


Continuous Improvement:

Hua & Hua decided to improve PanPan Food's display booth for two important reasons:


1.     To transform the booth into a smart tool that can automatically promote and sell products. It's like having a mini store inside the booth where customers can easily make automated purchases. This upgrade will help PanPan Food increase its sales.

2.     To feature PanPan's Winter Olympics brand design and slogans, making it the perfect place to showcase our marketing materials. It is a great way to share our exciting strategies with customers.

Advertising Film: 

We created 2 films for TV Commercial

1.     PanPan's Shredded Bread x Summer Olympics TVC

2.     PanPan's MeiXiang Chicken Snacks x Winter Olympics TVC



Press Conference:


1.     In 2021, we officially launched PanPan Food new products, Super IP and their two newest brand packaging design

2.     PanPan Food x Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Press Conference





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