Sunflower Pharmaceutical

Background (Image 1)

In 2007, Sunflower's two revenue-generating products, Weikangling capsule and Sunflower Liver-Protecting Tablets, accounted for 90% of Sunflower Pharmaceutical's revenue, with sales of 700 million yuan. With other products, the company had about 800 million yuan in total revenue, with no breakthrough for three consecutive years. How to break through the bottleneck of business growth is an urgent problem that Sunflower needs to solve.

Hua & Hua believes that enterprise strategy to product development, brand image, packaging design, advertising creativity, etc., are the same thing and should be done in the same team and same system.

In the Sunflower Paediatric Strategy case, Hua & Hua did the following for Sunflower Pharmaceutical:

1.      Proposed the Paediatric strategy

2.      Designed the Little Sunflower cartoon avatar

3.      Planned the product structure of Paediatrics

4.      Proposed new product development ideas

5.      Designed all product packaging

6.      Created all the TV commercials

7.      Planned the "Little Sunflower Mommy Class" and developed it into a brand experience platform.

Brand Naming (Image 2)

Through surveys, we found that among more than 3500 pharmaceutical preparations, only 60 dosage forms were available for children, 98% of the drugs were not available in children's dosage forms, and a large number of drugs were used with reference to the instructions for adult drugs "reduce for children", usually by breaking in half and giving it to the child. There are more than one million children with drug-induced deafness in China, with 30,000 new cases each year.

At that time, Sunflower Pharmaceutical already had 12 OTC products for children. Using the Trinity Enterprise Strategy model, Hua & Hua found a social problem – the misuse of adult drugs for children - which then became Sunflower's mission - to protect the health of Chinese children with proper Paediatrics medication. The mission determines the strategy, and Sunflower Pharmaceutical's enterprise strategy was aimed to build a leading Paediatrics medicine brand in China.

Super Sign (Image 3)

Sunflower Paediatrics Medicine previously had an old avatar, which was a herbal baby. It was redesigned as a Little Sunflower because the herbal baby cannot attract traffic while the Little Sunflower can. The Little Sunflower has a cultural Matrix, which is when babies in China when the child is 100 days old or one week old, the mother will take a picture of him wearing a sunflower headdress. The herbal baby did not have a Cultural Matrix, so it cannot attract traffic. Hua & Hua created the Little Sunflower  Super Sign and used it to unify all packaging, making the Little Sunflower brand equity that can be continuously invested in.


Packaging design (Figures 4-5)

The essence of packaging design is to write a script and set the stage for the product.

Hua & Hua's packaging design method is to create display advantages in the sales environment while allowing the packaging to speak for itself. The packaging of the Little Sunflower series products is the guide that parents need the most.

Hua & Hua has always advocated a single brand as far as possible, by using a visual and strong image to differentiate different categories and get the strongest display advantage in the packaging.

Product Structure (Figure 6)

Enterprise strategy is a set of products and services used to solve social problems, and products and services are the product strategy of the enterprise. Product strategy is the roadmap for enterprise development, including which products to make, the strategic role and strategic tasks of each product, and the order of strategic launches. Hua & Hua planned the product structure of each category and invested in advertising for non-prescription drugs to establish the brand. First, establish a foothold in the two main market segments of children's cough and digestion. The task of the first flagship product, Chinese Herbal Oral Solution for Children's Lung Heat, Cough and Asthma, is to first establish a brand platform for the entire product group of the category and drive the sales of the respiratory system category of Little Sunflower. The second main product, Children Digestive Oral Liquid, has the strategic task of building a silver lining. With it and Chinese Herbal Oral Solution for Children's Lung Heat, Cough and Asthma complementing each other, the Sunflower Paediatrics product family has taken shape. Finally, various categories of safe medicines for children are developed in sequence to gradually establish the product structure of China's leading Paediatrics brand.

Chinese Herbal Oral Solution for Children's Lung Heat, Cough and Asthma (Figure 7)


TV commercials (Figures 8-10)

With the core of the Little Sunflower image and the Little Sunflower Mommy Class as the platform, Hua & Hua has set Sunflower Pharmaceutical Industry has established a complete integrated marketing communication experience system. Since 2007, “U-Can”have created and shot all the TV commercials for Sunflower Pharmaceuticals, using the creative approach of "providing differentiated product positioning, popularizing new consumer knowledge, and creating popular perceptions" to foster consumers' habitual reliance on our information.

Sunflower's TV commercials are not only about successfully selling a certain product, but also about managing Sunflower's brand as an authority in a certain category; not only becoming a supplier of a certain type of product to consumers, but also cultivating parents' habitual reliance on information about the safe use of medicine for children.

Little Sunflower Mommy Class is now in session.If your child has a persistent cough, what should you do? Most likely, it's lung heat. Use the Sunflower Chinese Herbal Oral Solution for Children's Lung Heat, Cough and Asthma to clear lung heat and treat recurrent coughs. Remember, it's Sunflower Pharmaceuticals.

Brand Image (Figure 11):

Sunflower Pharmaceutical adopts a "single brand, multiple images" strategy.

In the strategy for Sunflower Paediatrics, the "Sunflower" brand trademark is used, and a cartoon image of a Little Sunflower is created to represent the brand of Sunflower Paediatrics. In terms of brand structure, Hua & Hua uses a single brand as much as possible and then uses intuitive images to differentiate different categories. This is also the lowest cost, highest success rate, and highest return on investment method. Ultimately, under the endorsement of "Sunflower," Hua & Hua created a family image of Little Sunflower, Sunflower Sister, and Sunflower Grandpa, representing Sunflower Pharmaceutical's Paediatrics, gynecological medicine, and other commonly used medicines.

Liver Protection Handbook Advertisement (Figure 12):

Little Sunflower Honeysuckle Dew (Figure 13)

 Public Relations Activity:

1. Sunflower Pharmaceutical's strategic public relations product: China Children's Safe Medication Conference (Figures 14-15).

The first Children's Safe Medication Communication and Development Conference in 2016 was a great success. The first conference aroused the attention of the whole society and played an epoch-making role in the development of Paediatrics, stirring up waves and reshaping the government, industry, and society's understanding of "Paediatrics."

Little Sunflower introduces strategic cooperation signing ceremony for rare disease drugs for children.

2. Signing ceremony for strategic cooperation on the introduction of drugs for rare children's diseases (Figure 16)





正心术 立正学 走正道


正心术 立正学 走正道