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Dook Media Group is a professional publishing organization with a leading brand influence, leading marketing model and leading production method in China's book industry. Since its establishment in 2006, Dook has been creating miracles in the book industry with its mission of "inspiring personal growth", and has continuously released super best-sellers such as "The Tibet Code", "The Island Bookstore", "Silent Confession", "The Godfather", "The Fall of Giants" and "The Silk Road".

On July 19, 2021, Dook Culture Co., Ltd (stock code 301025) was officially listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, marking Dook Culture's successful entry into the A-share capital market and ushering in a new era of development.

Brand pattern (Figure 1-3)

The black and white checker is used as the brand pattern to unify the spine and sales display of all books so that readers can see the books published by Dook at a glance in bookstores.

Development of original works (Figure 4-17)

We have continuously published millions of copies of super best-selling books such as "The Tibet Code", "Half Hour Cartoon History of China" and "Wang Yangming". China Entrepreneur", "China Economic Weekly", "21st Century Business Review", "China Business News", "Xinjing News", "Forbes" and other famous financial media have reported on the "Dook phenomenon", and the influence of Dook culture has surpassed the traditional book industry, creating bestselling miracles! Mr. Hua Nan, one of the founders of Hua & Hua, introduced the Hua & Hua method to the publishing industry and proposed "to sell books like toothpaste". The cover design of the book is treated as packaging design.

1.      The Tibet Code

Originally titled The Last Temple. Designing the packaging is to design the reason to buy, and designing the book cover is also to design the reason to buy. Designing the book cover is also designing the reason for purchase. The name "Tibet Code" finds the cultural matrix related to Tibet and reflects that it is an encyclopedic novel about Tibet. We were inspired by Tibetan costumes and found a core symbol that could both attract attention and express the value of the product - Tibetan colorful stripes - as the book cover element. The Tibetan stripes symbol carries The Tibetan colorful stripes symbol, with its simple and powerful meaning, struck people's eyes, and the book drew attention to itself while strengthening its value. The Tibet Code is permanently displayed in stacks at book stores across the country, turning the shelves into a communication medium.

If you want to make money fast, sell The Tibet Code in stacks.

If you want to make a big fortune, "The Tibet Code" will be displayed in a row!

 This is the "money-making instruction" given to the bookstore by the reader and the display standard of the "Tibetan Code". It has become a sales jingle passed down from one bookstore to another, maximizing the media effect of the point of sales.

2.      Half Hour Comics" series

It is a national brand dedicated to popularizing general education through comics and has been welcomed by tens of millions of Chinese readers since its launch. It has been welcomed by tens of millions of Chinese readers. Readers use comic book figures in the form of pentagrams, circles, triangles and other negative shapes as a symbol system to provide stable values.

3.      Wang Yangming's "Knowing and Doing" series .

Through the brilliant legend of Wang Yangming, the series analyzes the boundless power of unity of knowledge and action for readers. This is an in-depth It is a popular biography of Wang Yangming, the founder of Unity of Knowledge and Action. Therefore, on the cover, Readers has chosen Wang Yangming's head as the Super sign and put it at the largest size.



Global Copyright for Books (Figures 18-24)

From 2015 to 2016, Dook started to enter the global copyright market. Through the design of the cover and the design of reason for purchase, dook became a big player in the global copyright market. If the cover is right, the product will speak for itself and sell when it is put on the shelf.

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Public-edition books (Figure 25)

To make a public edition book, it often turns into a price war, so we found a new way to make a public edition book with super signs. Thus, we formed the series of "three circles" of readers, and created the reason for buying: three circles of classics, with all kinds of guides and explanations.

The first circle: book title, author, author's signature

The second circle: the status and value of the book in the history of literature, the reader only need to read dozens of "three circles" of the middle circle, is equivalent to read a concentrated history of literature.

The third circle: reasons to buy.

Brand Mascot (Figure 26-29)

Dook Media Group has three super IPs in the culture industry: Book List, Film List and Dook Mr Panda. In 2017, Hua and Hua's sister company Dook Media Group successfully created the Brand Mascots: Booklist Dog, Movie List Cat and Mr Panda, which are dubbed as "Dook Three Treasures" by fans.

1.      Booklist Dog

Mantra: If you don't know what to read, just follow Booklist Dog!

Profession: Recommending Booklist Dog's book list for 5 million fans every day!

Vision: to take over the rest of your life of the entire reading plan.

Hobby: reading books! Writing book lists! Film list cat!

2. Film list cat

Mantra: If you don't know what movies to watch, just pay attention to Film List Cat! Profession: Besides eating and sleeping, I watch movies.

Vision: After being stunned by bad movies, I vow to pick out the good ones I've seen and recommend them to you!

3. Mr Panda mantra: Mr Panda only promotes good books that can inspire personal growth!

Profession: Recommend a good book every night.

Vision: To grow with good books every day!

Hobby: Recommending good books!

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Public Relations Activities (Picture 30-32)

The Readers booth at the Shanghai Book Fair.




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